Westerly Yacht Club - Junior Sailing Program
For the 2017 sailing season, the WYC JSP will conduct sailing classes for adults on a trial basis. The goal is to introduce sailing to more of the membership.

We are still working on the details but this is what we know so far:
  • Classes will be held Wednesday evenings from 5:30 to 7:30pm.
  • Emily Tunila will be the instructor for the classes.
  • We will use either Sunfish or the Daysailers for the class (see the Class Links below for more information on the Sunfish).
  • The JSP will provide instruction and chase boats.
  • Sailors will be expected to rig and launch their boats, and then haul and de-rig the boats at the end of the class.
  • We plan to accommodate 8 sailors.
  • The cost of the class is $40.
This will be done on a trial basis (a learning experience for all of us). The success depends upon membership involvement, logistics, etc.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Emily Tunila at 860-558-3610 or etunila@umich.edu.