About Our Club

1965 - February 20, marked the completion of the present facilities. In 37 years, the Yacht Club grew from a one-room clubhouse on the Pawcatuck River to one of the finest yachting facilities on the New England coast. These rebuilding and renovation projects cost $70,000.

1969 - The barbecue pit was added, as well as a play gym for the children.

1973 - The purchase of an additional piece of property in the Southwest corner of Thompson's cove occurred during this watch. It was utilized in later years for recreational activities.

1978 - The 50th anniversary of the formation of the Westerly Yacht Club was marked. The celebration was highlighted by visits from Horace Dunning, charter member and the Club's first secretary, and Charles Moore, nephew of Jeff Moore, the first Commodore of the Westerly Yacht Club. Reviewing the 50 years lent the general membership an opportunity to honor a charter member and benefactor, Otto Seidner. In that year, Otto was elected to the post of Honorary Commodore.

1980's - In the early 1980's the river channel was dredged. The front lot of the Club was filled in and part of it was designated for parking.

1983 - A one dock-per-year replacement plan was initiated and "F" dock was the first to be completely rebuilt. In early December of the same year, a severe winter storm caused considerable damage to the other four floating docks, "A", "C", "D", and "E". The Board of Directors voted to replace the damaged docks at a cost of $100,000. Twenty thousand had been allocated for one new dock. The other $80,000 was raised by selling certificates to Club members. The four rebuild docks, plus a new floating dock ("G" dock), were ready for the 1984 boating season.

1984 - A welcome summertime relief was added to the Clubhouse facility with the installation of air-conditioning in the bar, lounge, and shuffleboard room.
The area next to the barbecue pit was set aside as a Family Activity Area. Picnic tables, barbecues and an expanded children's play area were installed.
1985 - Energy conservation measures were instituted along with the constant maintenance and beautification of the Clubhouse, grounds, and docks.
An additional amount of $14,000 was received form the Otto Seidner Estate for the Otto Seidner Fund.

1986 - The Clubhouse facility was fully air-conditioned with the installation of heating and cooling facilities in the dining hall. A handicap ramp was added to the Clubhouse at the patio door entrance. New decking and underpinning was added to "B" Dock. A new "one-write" general ledger bookkeeping system was initiated, which provided computerized monthly financial reports.

1987 - Extensive changes were made to the interior of the Clubhouse and on the docks. The entire interior of the Clubhouse, including the lounge, dining hall, game room, and rest rooms, were completely revamped with bright and colorful paint, wallpaper, linoleum, rugs, and vertical blinds. The men's rest room adjacent to the dining hall was completely rebuilt. Facilities for the physically impaired were included.

On the docks, a complete new aeration system was installed, finger piers were renewed on E and F docks. Two aging underground steel gas tanks were replaced with on 4,000-gallon steel tank encased in fiberglass with an automatic monitoring system for environmental compliance. A new computerized gasoline delivery system was installed. Plans were made for moorings in the cove, to meet the increased need for docking facilities.

1988 - Renovations continued on the Club facilities. In the Clubhouse, a new bar was installed in the dining hall. A cement apron was added to the periphery of the barbecue pit. On the docks, a new and larger "WYC" sign was installed; the new gas dock with its computer system became operational. The State dredged the area at the small boat launch area at the entrance to the Club. The financial system was further improved with the establishment of shop order numbers for receipt and payment of funds. A contingency fund for maintenance was also established. Approximately 70 new members were introduced for 1989 election.
On January 26, 1988, the Westerly Yacht Club burgee flew from the signal halyard on the Coast Guard Cutter EAGLE (WIX-327), America's Tall Ship, during the Tall Ships Parade on Sydney Harbor celebrating the Australian Bicentennial Day,. This burgee was also flown on the EAGLE on February 18, 1988, when she crossed the equator South to North, at 180o East/West longitude on a passage from Pago Pago, American Somoa towards Honolulu. Upon the EAGLE's return to New London in August, Captain Ernst M. Cummings presented the burgee to the club. …more »